Crow Blackwood

Medium and Spirtual Advisor

~Fortune telling~

~Advice giving~

~Karmic adjustments ~

~ Enchantments~


Crow Blackwood is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, cibopathic and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium.

Born a quadruple Scorpio and blessed ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction, Crow is the great-grandchild of a renowned Native American medicine woman and great-great-grandchild of Grigori Rasputin, famed Russian holy man and mystic.

Crow grew up in mysterious and powerful deserts in the south west and, as a child, was able to see spirits, read thoughts, and foresee events. At first, these abilities frightened Crow, but eventually, they were seen as a gift from the universe. After the tragic passing of Crow's parents, something Crow knew would happen, but was powerless to stop, Crow moved to Mexico with a wise grandmother and encountered the Santa Muerte for the first time.

Blessed by Santa Muerte, Crow began following the teachings and shrines. Awaked by the belief and protection of the divine Santa Muerte, Crow's spiritual gifts enlighten and protect. When you work with Crow you’ll also receive gentle guidance that can help you find the right tools and the refocused direction to transform and improve your life.

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